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  • Understanding World Events in the Light of Biblical Prophecy
  • Missionary's Soul
  •  Tree of Immortality
  • Gone The Days Of Obesity
  • The evil's of city life

Books & DVDs bringing the past into the present

Health and my Lifestyle is an informative website that encourages good living. Good living comes in different forms; such as reading and watching character-build literature and movies Further, it takes on the form of eating, sleeping, exercising, drinking, heavenly communication, and having the right partner.

Lifestyle Health and my Lifestyle brings the past into the present and into the future. Lifestyle has dominated people's lives through the ages. Intemperance has played and is playing a major role in our lives. What happens when you deprive yourself of sleep, eat and drink too much, don't spend enough time with your partner, or did too much exercise?

  • Gone The Days Of Obesity will alert you to some of the critical problems that obesity can cause in individuals and couples; such as unhappiness, low-self-esteem, a broken heart, pain, sorrow, disease, and much more.

  • Young people's book, Tree of Immortality, reveals that gluttony can have a negative impact on the mind. So much so that three children almost lost their lives as a result.

The DVD, Missionary's Soul, reveals that people are not always who they profess to be, so the shock comes to all on judgement day. Other shocking books and DVDs are coming soon The literatures and DVDs on Health and my Lifestyle are designed to change the way you think. They will help you make decisions that you never dreamt of making before.

Remember the true saying which states that "You are what you read and what you eat". The lifestyle that you have chosen will determine your joy and eternal happiness.

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You can stay tuned with Health and my Lifestyle and be and feel better for it, or you can carry on the way you have always done

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