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Gone the Days of Obesity

Gone the Days of Obesity

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Discover the Simple, Shocking and Electrifying Truth About Obesity.

Obesity is a Thief that will eventually target your Relationship, Happiness, Self-esteem, Health, and may even Claim YOUR Life. When the Robbery is complete the Thief turns round and says, “I’ve Got YOU”!

Here are a few of the many important things you will learn about "Obesity":

  • You will learn that choosing a healthy lifestyle pays dividends
  • You will be made aware of some major problems that obesity can create
  • You will learn that itís not okay to be obese

Other shocking books are coming soon and they will change the way you think, your lifestyle, and allow you to make decisions you never dreamed of making before.  I urge you therefore to stay tuned with Life and Health Joy, Publishers and have a better fulfilled life in health, relationships and achieve a sense of joy.

This book will alert you to some of the critical problems that obesity can cause in individuals and couples, such as Unhappiness, Low self-esteem, Broken Heart, Pain, Sorrow, Diseases, and more. The book also describes the benefits of Eating Healthily, Exercising, stimulating your mind with Stories and Poetry of relationships and individualís experiences of obesity. Further, the book will help you lose weight and help prevent obesity - if you dare!

Obesity is a threat not only to happiness, self-esteem and sociability. An intake of High calories and a lack of exercise can have a devastating result on YOUR body. Negligence equals ignorance and ignorance leads to disease or death. So read, do, and live.

Dear Seeker of Knowledge,

You are about to unfold the most important information ever given on obesity.  I urge you not to read this book if you are one who prefers not to be disturbed from your comfort zone because the information in this book will surely take you away from that zone, so be warned!

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